Specialty Focus

Nobody knows respiratory care better than Tri-anim… assisting and monitoring patients in their time of need, providing effective and comforting intervention, and planning proactively for a full and healthy recovery.


  • Assist. A wide array of respiratory equipment is available to assist patient breathing, including nebulizers, pulse oximeters and oxygen delivery solutions.
  • Intervention. From CPAP to intubation, Tri-anim offers a number of solutions for use in breathing intervention, including non-invasive options.
  • Recovery. Respiratory solutions, including specialty medication nebulizers and peak flow meters, are available to help patients recover from cardio-pulmonary and respiratory disorders and improve their breathing and lung function.

More than a just a distributor Tri-anim partners with our customers to deliver healthcare solutions to specialized departments within the acute care environment.

Combined with a thorough understanding of the healthcare arena, our specialty focus enables us to provide a full-service approach to our customers.

  • New technology introduction and expansion
  • Around-the-clock in-service training
  • Programs designed to reduce costs, streamline efficiencies and promote positive patient outcomes.
  • Relationships with the major Group Purchasing Organizations and Integrated Delivery Networks across the United States