Phototherapy Eye Shields

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Calibration Tip, BiliCal, for BiliChek, Individually Packaged

Calibration Tip, BiliCal, for BiliChek, Individually Packaged - PHILIPS HEALTHCARE

BiliCal™ Calibration Tip designed for use with BiliChek® Non-invasive Bilirubin System.

$529.99 CA

Mask, EyeMax2, Micro, 7.87 in - 10.4 in (Occipital Frontal Circumference), Pack of 20

EyeMax2 Masks - MAXTEC

EyeMax2s improved design to assures optimum comfort and protection for patients during phototherapy treatment.

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Phototherapy Eye Shield, NeoShade, Micro, Black

NeoShade Phototherapy Eye Shields - NEOTECH PRODUCTS LLC

NeoShade® Phototherapy Eye Shield attaches to patients with gentle NeoBond® hydrocolloid.

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From $134.99 CA

Mask, Phototherapy, WeeSpecs, w/Velcro, Preemie, Under 28 cm

WeeSpecs Phototherapy Masks - PHILIPS HEALTHCARE

WeeSpecs two-piece design is made from a soft, hypo-allergenic, light-blocking material that can be adjusted for a custom fit.

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From $145.99 CA

Phototherapy Eye Protector, Baby Shades, Infant, Small, Adjustable Headband, Hydrogel Adhesive

Baby Shades Phototherapy Eye Protectors - CARDINAL HEALTH DEALER MANAGEMENT GROUP

Baby Shades phototherapy eye protectors are used in the treatment of infantile jaundice.

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