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At Tri-anim, we share your passion and mission to provide your babies with the best possible care. From the very start, Tri-anim partners with you, understands your unique needs and guides the solution and implementation so that you can give your little ones their very best start. With a wide range of products, from trusted manufacturing partners, we are committed to delivering clinically proven neonatal care solutions to help you improve outcomes.

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Protect Your Patients

Protect Your Patients from Nasal Tissue Trauma

Neotech Neosucker®

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Safe Solution

The Safe Solution for Your Smallest Patients.

SafeT T-Piece Resuscitator

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Reduct and Help

Designed to Reduce and Help Prevent Extubations

Neotech NeoBar®

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Blade & Handle

All-In-One Blade & Handle Laryngoscope

Curaplex® CuraView LED Laryngoscopes

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Securement Devices

Maintaining skin integrity for your babies is vital for their comfort and care. These tube holders and securement devices are specially designed to be gentle on your neonate’s sensitive skin.

Smiths Medical ET Tube Holders »
Salter Cannulaide »
Salter Whiskers »
Neotech NeoGrip® »
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Oxygen Delivery

Safe and appropriate use of oxygen is essential to support the development of neonatal lungs and organs. Masks and cannulas that fit perfectly, combined with precision oxygen blenders, monitors, analyzers, flowmeters and fuel cells provide customized
therapy for neonates.

Neotech RAM Cannula® »
Curaplex® Oxygen Cannula »
Maxtec MaxBlend2 Air/Oxygen Blenders »
Precision Medical Oxygen Monitor »
Salter Nasal Cannula »
Intersurgical ClearLite Mask »
SunMed Vent Mask »
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Airway Management

Neonatal airways present a diverse set of challenges that contrast sharply to mature airways. These neonate-sized products help you perform safe and effective airway management on even your littlest patients.

Curaplex® Curaview Laryngoscope Neonatal »
SunMed Oral/Nasal Murphy ET Tubes w/ Stylet »
Smiths Medical Bivona® Aire-Cuf® »
Intersurgical Guedal Airways »
Intersurgical i-gel® LMA »
Smiths Medical Trach Tubes & Holder »
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Monitoring Heading

Proven capnography equipment, along with neonatal-specific pulse oximetry sensors and ECG pads, provide accurate and reliable monitoring.

Neotech NeoLead® »
Neotech NeoHeart »
Nonin PalmSAT® 2500 Pulse Oximeter »
Nonin Reusable and Disposable Neonatal Sensors »
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Photo Therapy

85% of preterm babies will develop clinically apparent jaundice. Confidently assess bilirubin levels and ensure your babies are protected with effective neonatal eye shields during phototherapy.

Maxtec EyeMax2 »
Neotech NeoShades® »
Philips BiliChek »
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Excess fluids and nasal secretions can lead to
respiratory distress. Rely on these aspirators and secretion clearance accessories to optimize oxygenation and ventilation.

Neotech NeoSucker® »
Neotech Suction Caddy »
Precision Medical Suction Regulators »

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