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Nebulizer, Small Volume, Handheld, w/Tee, Mouthpiece, Flextube, 7 ft Kink Resistant Tubing

Curaplex Select Small Volume, Handheld Nebulizers - CURAPLEX BY TRI-ANIM

This Curaplex® handheld, small-volume nebulizer provides ideal particle size distribution, allowing high lung deposition. It can be used in an upright position or angled up to 45 degrees.

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From $57.99 CA

MDI Spacer, Rigid, Fluted, Antistatic, Teal<span style="color:#FF0000;font-weight:bold;padding-left:5px;">*Non-Returnable*</span>

MDI Spacers, Fluted, Anti-Static - CURAPLEX BY TRI-ANIM

MDI spacer features a duckbill valve and metered dose inhaler chamber which is fluted and anti-static. The chamber comes in both collapsible and rigid forms.

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From $466.99 BX

Aerosol Mask, Adult, Elongated Mask with Elastic strap and Adjustable Nose Strap

Aerosol Masks w/Elastic Strap - CURAPLEX BY TRI-ANIM

This aerosol mask has a soft, clear finish designed for patient comfort and easy monitoring of patient condition. Available in adult and pediatric sizes, the mask includes an adjustable nose clip.

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From $34.79 CA

Mouthpiece, White, Disposable

Mouthpiece, White, Disposable - CURAPLEX BY TRI-ANIM

No additional details available at this time.

$60.99 BG

RES-Q Continuous Nebulizer Kit, Large Volume, 12LPM Jet, 250mL Bottle, 7ft Oxygen Tubing<span style="color:#FF0000;font-weight:bold;padding-left:5px;">*Non-Returnable*</span>

Continuous Nebulizer, RESQNEB, Large Volume - CURAPLEX BY TRI-ANIM

This device is primarily for use in delivering Albuterol in a diluted form for extended time.

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From $297.99 CA

Tee, Curaplex, Valved, Pediatric, 15mm OD x 15mm ID, Disposable

Valved Tee Adapters - CURAPLEX BY TRI-ANIM

The Valved Tee Adapter makes it simple to deliver aerosolized medication to your ventilator patients.

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From $1,269.99 CA

Aerosol Tee, 22mm Male x 22mm Male x 15mm Female

Aerosol Tee, 22mm Male x 22mm Male x 15mm Female - CURAPLEX BY TRI-ANIM

Aerosol Tee is a multi-use, universal respiratory connector (22 mm OD, 15 mm ID) that has a loop on the "T" that facilitates hanging.

$23.79 CA


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