Emergency Department

Respiratory Care in the Emergency Department

As emergency departments continue to cope with increased patient visits, shrinking resources and overcrowding, changes in the healthcare industry present significant challenges and opportunities alike.

Many of the changes within the healthcare industry, including those driven by the Advanced Clinical Anesthesia (ACA), are intended to improve efficiencies, smooth care transitions, reduce costs and improve overall patient outcomes and experiences. Among the ways Tri-anim can help your emergency department meet these objectives is through the provision of high-quality, clinically-proven respiratory solutions.

The Tri-anim product portfolio encompasses the broad range of respiratory treatments and care technologies including oxygen delivery, medication delivery, lung management, resuscitation, airway management, diagnostics, high flow and oxygen equipment and humidification. In addition, Tri-anim provides tailored clinical support and education to help clinical professionals deliver high level care to help improve patient outcomes.

The utilization of Tri-anim respiratory solutions in the emergency department and throughout all care settings promotes a more streamlined transfer of care. As respiratory products move with the patient throughout the hospital, and even into the home, patients are subjected to less stress while hospitals realize savings and waste reduction.

Additionally, Tri-anim’s sister company, Bound Tree Medical, is a leading distributor of emergency medical supplies and equipment in the pre-hospital environment. Together, Bound Tree Medical and Tri-anim can help your emergency department transform changes in the healthcare industry into opportunities. To learn more, contact your Tri-anim representative.