Uncuffed Preformed (AGT) (RAE) Oral, 18Fr, 4.5mm


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Uncuffed Preformed (AGT) (RAE) Oral features:

  • Designed to direct tube downward to rest on patient’s chin
  • Allows circuit to be positioned out of surgical field; ideal for oral and maxillofacial surgery applications
  • Polished Murphy Eye
  • 15mm Male fitting included
  • High volume, low pressure cuff
  • Valve with sensitive pilot balloon indicating cuff status
  • Radiopaque strip
  • Smooth beveled tip for atraumatic introduction
  • Single Use
  • Disposable
  • Latex Free
  • 18Fr, 4.5mm
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Uncuffed Preformed (AGT) (RAE) Oral, 18Fr, 4.5mm

Uncuffed Preformed (AGT) (RAE) Oral, 18Fr, 4.5mm


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