ET Tube, Uncuffed, Murphy Eye 4.5


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Our comprehensive range of Endotracheal Tubes have unique features to ensure patient safety and comfort, allowing intubation with total confidence. Each individual tube is tested for integrity and safety.

Optimum Size Murphy Eye

The optimum size Murphy eye is smoothly rounded to reduce patient trauma during intubation while also minimizing the risk of occlusion.

Clear Positioning Guides

The 2.0 to 5.0mm ID tubes feature a Depth Guide to identify correct placement beyond the vocal cords and an orientation guide to indicate the position of the Murphy’s Eye and tube tip. Distance Markers start at 3cms for safe and accurate placement in the smallest patients.

Smooth Bevelled Tip

Rounded beveled tip reduces the risk of damage to vocal cords during intubation.

High Resolution Radiopaque Line

Guarantees easy and accurate identification of tube position and location during x-ray.

Kink Resistant

Ensures tube patency for patient safety while also softening at body temperature to conform to the patient’s respiratory tract.

Depth Guide

For accurate placement below the vocal cords, the Plain Endotracheal Tubes sized 5.5mm ID and above (Adult) feature the same double line depth guide as Flexicare’s Standard Endotracheal and VentiSeal Tubes.

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ET Tube, Uncuffed, Murphy Eye 4.5

ET Tube, Uncuffed, Murphy Eye 4.5


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