LifeSense II Capnograph/Pulse Oximeters

Easy-to-use, accurate and cost-effective, LifeSense® II is perfect for SpO2 and EtCO2 monitoring of patients.

Smiths ParaPac Plus

The paraPAC plus gives you the versatility to deliver mechanical ventilation, demand and free flow oxygen therapy and CPAP all from one compact, lightweight unit.

Precision Flowmeter

Highly accurate needle valves ensure precise flow-settings the first time...every time.

Bypass HME

The ClearPath™ HME by Curaplex® is a heat and moisture exchanger that remains inline during medication delivery.


AeroEclipse® II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN) is an excellent tool for delivering a higher standard of respiratory care. Includes supply tubing.

Maxtec MaxBlend Lite

Cable assembly including power plug for the MaxVenturi Oxygen Delivery Device.

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Tri-anim Health Services provides innovative respiratory, anesthesia and critical care products and therapies to hospitals, health systems and other patient care facilities nationwide. As a leader in healthcare excellence for over 40 years, we offer targeted solutions, value-oriented programs, clinical expertise, and in-service training to help you provide effective and efficient patient care. Together, we can advance healthcare and improve patient outcomes.


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    Our specialty focus provides a full-service approach to accommodate the specific needs of medical/surgical units.

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    We provide the right equipment and everyday supplies to support the vital role of the Anesthesiologist.

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    Like Respiratory Therapists,
    we specialize in airway management, intervention and recovery within specialty floors.

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    Our product line offers cost-effective, quality products to serve your product needs in the categories that matter.

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